Urban Decor – Design with wit!

The last couple of years have seen a slow insurgence of a very particular kind of décor in the design of interiors – Urban Décor. Urban Décor is a quirky mix of wit and utility. The ideas stem from quintessentially urban concepts like humour or the internet.

The underlying common factor among all of these urban accessories is a whimsical sense of intelligence that has evaded all other forms of décor. In traditional interior design, objects are expected to be of a certain form and more often than not do not attribute themselves any personality. A clock is always a dial with needles or a lamp is always a hollow glass form with a bulb inside – no longer, do we have to subject ourselves to these staid, run of the mill concepts. A new army of urban designers are taking over and they’re here to stay.

Starting this month, we’ve got on LIA exclusive products by these urban designers only for you. Naqiya Yusuf’s designs are chic and smart and they make you chuckle with delight. Imagine pillows that proclaims your singlehood or paperweights that pay homage to latin greats or a shelf that’s actually a skyline. We’ve got all that and more.

Harshad’s design bring forth more of an old world charm than new age concepts; though they are no less whimsical. He is an artist who has reinvented, what can be considered, the oldest form of décor accessory – Clocks. And no, we’re not talking about the boring old round-dialed pieces. Harshad’s clocks can be best defined as a leap of imagination and every single piece is handcrafted by Harshad himself, which says volumes about exactly how exclusive this line of products is. These designs are not only different from standard clocks but in fact so unique that they form a class of their own. A wonderful cross of sculpture, utility and wit, these products will definitely make a place for themselves in your homes and your hearts.

We also have Rajashri and Sameer’s quirky lamps made from upcycled alcohol bottles than are not only brilliant but also good for the environment, not to mention you can own them even if you’re a complete teetotaler. So, before Diwali rolls around and you consider an overhaul of your home décor, make sure you head over to our sales page and give it a dekko.

A stitch in time – Clocks in Interior Design

Clocks have always been a huge part of interior home accessories and they’ve been around for accessories. No matter how many artworks or light fixtures you have up on your walls; nothing quite adds a finishing touch to your decor like a clock. It could be one of those large ceremonious grandfather clocks or those simplistic circle on the wall sort of wall clocks but we all need them.

Here are a few interesting facts about clocks. Do you know that clocks made before 1660 only had one hand and that was the hour hand? Or that there are not just grandfather clocks but also grandmother and granddaughter clocks? The word “clock” also comes from the French word “cloche”, which in turn means “bell”. That’s a lot of history over a simple piece of decor accessory, right?

It’s true, we’ve ‘literally’ come a long way in time from the primitive sundials to what we have today. And quite honestly, today they are more just a tool to tell time. They are an extension of your personality and personal space. They are also impressive showpieces that can be used to make a tasteful statement in any living space and definitely an affordable way to make an impression on your visitors like these clocks below by ‘Little Bent’ that’s featured exclusively on our website, www.liveinart.co.in

Clocks can be fun or sombre or quirky, depending what kind of impression you want to have on your vistors. Ideally, the placement of a wall clock is to be such that it can be observed from most places within the house or at least from key spaces like door, kitchen and living areas.

When deciding the style of the clock always check the interior of the house for reference. If you have a lavish traditional interior you can always charm your guests with a large grandfather clock for a victorian look, or if it’s minimalist chic then something like this simple design can be very apt for you.

Don’t be afraid to break boundaries with clocks. You cn choose to make it a focal point in your interior by using a very quirky clock in an otherwise sombre interior. Consider this upcycled clock made from used whisky bottles by one of our designers. Using these as a focal point against any accent wall of a contrasting colour will really flush character into an otherwise simplistic decor.

The options are endless with our collection; explore and create your unique decor style using these poducts at your disposal.

The Affordable Art Campaign



Vodka bottle turned lamp

Vodka bottle turned lamp

This month we kick started our affordable art campaign at Live In Art. We believe Art should be for the masses and not just for those with thick wallets and hefty bank accounts.

Our latest collection has a healthy mix of veteran artists with a prolific body of work and some new and fresh talent with never before seen decor ideas. Products from our affordable art campaign are cheap enough to be gifted without a second thought and crazy and innovative enough to have you itching to get your hands on it yourselves. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re eco-friendly at the heart of it all, to clear your conscience of that consumer’s guilt.

Our line of wine and vodka bottles turned utility art will have even the teetotalers begging for more; whether it’s the Absolut vodka range of lamps or the Ballantine whisky bottle turned clock.

And for those of you with more eccentric tastes we’ve got a whole line of products which are completely hand painted and have quirky concepts. How quirky you ask? Well, imagine an ashtray that tells you to ‘control biddu’ or proclaims its love for clean air. We’ve even got hand painted Amitabh Bacchan plates for the die-hard Bollywood fans. Yes, we’ve done our homework and covered our bases, we’ve got a little something for everyone.

So, do you need more convincing? Bring some art into your homes with our unique and fun affordable art campaign. Join and share the campaign on Facebook by clicking here